Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Nude Colored Leggings Are a Fashion DON'T!

Let me start by saying that I love leggings. I own some various-colored leggings because they go great in the chilly fall weather with a sweater or cute top. I have three or four pairs of black leggings, a pair of grey ones, and even a bright pink pair for when I'm feeling a bit crazy. They are one of the best fashion trends ever and I hope leggings never die out.

Let me also say that this woman is not naked. She is actually wearing NUDE-colored leggings. This is a huge fashion DON'T. Please, I BEG you, don't ever buy leggings that match your skin tone. You will look naked and funny, and may even appear on somebody's blog someday as an example of what NOT to wear!

Nude colored accessories are huge right now, such as nude-colored heels, nude nail polish, and even nude-colored purses. If you're wanting something to be nude-colored, pick something like your nail polish or shoes, but PLEASE not leggings!


  1. What makes this particular photo even more stomach turning is that it is clearly a black woman wearing "nude" leggings in a, well, Caucasian shade. Up her ass crack, no less. What the actual fuck.

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